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Whatever kind of fisherman you are, we have the bait to get you to Sekoma.

The Zambezi and Chobe offers every fisherman wonderful opportunities. Sekoma Island Lodge is situated on the Zambian side of the Mambova Rapids on a stretch of river that experiences annual flooding. This phenomenon acts as a stocking system where the area becomes home to a large variety of insects, crustaceans, flora and of course, fish.

The waters surrounding Sekoma are a paradise for the adventurous angler, whether a conventional, lure or fly fisher, you are up against Tiger Fish, large Tilapia, colourful Bream species, and African Pike. The formidable Tiger Fish is world-renowned for being a fierce, hard-fighting fish that has a reputation of being the toughest freshwater fish to pursue.

A variety of fishing methods can be used, with fly-fishing and lure fishing being predominant.
Fish that regularly take artificial:

  • Nembwe (olive Bream)
  • Tiger Fish
  • Thinface Largemouth
  • Humpback Largemouth
  • Threespot Tilapia
  • Redbreast Tilapia
  • Pink Happy
  • Sharp Tooth Catfish

The lesser-visited backwaters can be explored where many of the vegetarian species of bream such as the Greenhead Tilapia and Pink Happies call home. Tiger fish are caught predominantly by fly fishing and artificial lure fishing, during April however, the river is high and discoloured, and we do permit some bait fishing using circle hooks.
Sekoma carries 12 boats in its fleet, which are powered by 60hp motors. Boats can take a maximum of fisherman at any one time. Angling on the river is undertaken on fully carpeted, fiberglass bass boats which have been modified with snag-free decks for fly fisherman.
Untouched rapids can be accessed from mid-July through to December by Ark Inflatable Boats, which is a must for the avid angler as you can be eye-to-eye with magnificent sporting fish